August 28th, 2006

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Народ! ищщу попутчика для поездки в черногорию и оттуда в сербию. Собираюсь поехать 16 сентября на 2 недели. Кто со мной?

Answer to norma_nait

Thank you norma_nait for this letter. Russian and Serbian languages are similar just enough to understand this. You said something about very thin man behind the wire, in some kind of conc-lager. That picture travelled around the world and all newspapers and TV stations (mostly western) said that is Serbian conc-lager for muslims in Bosnia. And assotiatons on Aushwitz and similar camps was quite obvious. The world was in shock ....Aushwitz-again??...
But the real trouth was quite diferent.The man on the photo was Serb, recognized by his brother in Serbia.The photo was made behind some wire in a place which was nothing like concentration camp just for the purpose of propaganda. This is explanation of Noam Chomsky, famous American intelectual and anti-globalist.He said after big anti-Serbian campaign in England and France after this photo, one little English newspapers said in one article that "MAYBE" the photo was not true...Chomsky said British government sue them for that article and send a little "army" of lowyers, and the little newspaper agency was closed down because they had courage to claim something against official British policy.
Photos with killed Serbs in a "role" of muslims or Albanians was every-day thing. When granate falled on market place in Sarajevo and killed a lot of people, next step was economic sanctions against Serbia. And after some time an equipe of international ballistic experts said the granate was NOT shot from Serbian territory beside Sarajevo. It was too lait, Serbia had economic sanctions for few days and for nex 10 years. The people killed in Rachak village on Kosovo was soldiers from different places, dressed like civilians. Just think about this screenplay: Serbian Police killed "inocent people", after few hours there was equipe of CNN (WHAT A COINCIDENCE!),and after few days NATO make decision for bombing Serbia. NATO needed Racak so badly for bombing Serbia (still without permission of UN!), like America needed badly the granate in Sarajevo to realise their plan for economic sancions (thrue UN). That is why the photo of a thin man i "conc-lager" and hundereds of similar lies was so nececery.